Apple iPhone 8 OLED Model Will "All Be Curved"


Paul Briden

19/12/2016 – 12:50pm

Apple to use flexible plastic OLED displays for curviest iPhone ever

A new report out of Korea claims the Apple iPhone OLED model will “all be curved”, which is being interpreted as meaning it will feature a curved design across most of its exterior surfaces – most, not all, of course, as  that would be silly; that would be a sphere.

“The OLED version of the new iPhone will all be curved as Apple ordered all plastic OLED – not glass – from Samsung Display. Samsung is capable of supplying a little less than 100 million units of curved OLED displays to Apple,” said the report from The Korea Herald.

The mention of a plastic substrate means these are flexible OLED panel which will allow Apple to bend them into the curved bodywork shape it requires. Some of the info is a little shaky though, the source suggests Apple could implement touch controls along the phone’s curved eges – a rumour we’ve heard before – but then immediately seems to imply that it might not happen at all.

The upcoming iPhone may use new sensing technology, which enables the phone to respond when users touch any side of the device. But, Apple may not adopt this technology.”

Right then. Good to know…I guess?

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